The Methodist Youth Fellowship (MYF) of the Methodist Malayalam Congregation brings together all the youth of the congregation. The second Sunday of every month is set apart for MYF meetings. Apart from the elements of a ‘usual’ meeting, that is reading of minutes, discussing future activities, presentation of accounts, etc. bible study, quizzes, songs and intercessory prayers are held with active participation from all youth members

The MYF conducts activities all throughout the year. During the Harvest festival of the church the youth conduct sale of Ice creams and soft drinks and also conduct lucky draws with surprise gifts. The MYF has been a very instrumental part of the choir of the church. On the day of Carol Service, which is generally on the 22nd of December, the youth actively participates in the choir and other activities for the evening to share the joy of the Christmas season. Christmas is followed by the New Year program which is conducted on December 31st, where the youth get to showcase their talents in plays, dances, songs, etc.

MYF also raises funds for noble causes such as visiting and supporting an old-age home, supporting a children’s orphanage in Ambarnath called “Anugrah”. The youth also collect clothes, snacks and other goodies for the children of the orphanage. They spend quality time with the kids of the orphanage and join with them in singing and praising God.

The youth organise retreats to encourage all the youth members to always maintain a strong fellowship. These retreats are sometimes held jointly with the Methodist Youth of the Parel Church. Bible studies, quizzes, games are all a part of such picnics and retreats.

Youth is very active in the Choir and have Won many laurels for the Church.

In the near future, MYF also plans to adapt the concept of Village Ministry, as a part of which a free medical camp had been organised in a nearby village.

For the creation of this website of the Church, the Youth members have been actively involved in compiling and creating information and articles, such that we can reach out to the world via the internet.

MYF is highly indebted to the youthful guidance of our pastor Rev Shinu Thomas. MYF has been blessed, and continue to ask the blessings of God Almighty, to continue the good deeds in the love and faith of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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