One day some people brought children to Jesus. They wanted him to put his hands on them and bless them. But his followers spoke angry words to the people for wanting to do this. When Jesus saw it, he was angry with his followers. He said to them,
“Let the children come to me! Do not stop them, because people who are like children have God as their King

Listen to me! Anyone who is not like a child cannot have God as his King.”

Then Jesus took the children in his arms. He placed his hands on them and blessed them.

The above story reveals a truth that Jesus always loved children. It is believed by all Christians in this world that when a child is born into this world the heavens celebrate, because one more child of God is added to earth. A small infant born is like a seed planted in earth which would become a tree one day if taken care, watered and given the proper food. Similarly for a child this spiritual food can be given from a Sunday school, where he/she would go and learn about Jesus as his/ her Creator.

We at Methodist Malayalam Church, Ambarnath are fortunate to have a beautiful Sunday school fellowship every Sunday wherein students and teachers come together to learn, sing, pray and praise God. Our Sunday school class starts every Sunday at 5:30pm and ends by 6:00pm. We are divided into three classes 1)  Juniors 2)  Intermediates 3) Seniors. The children range from the age of 5 to 15. The classes are supervised by the teachers and the Sunday school superintendent.

Like every child of God, we too start our Sunday school with a prayer, then we sing songs for some time. Our effort is to learn at least one song a week. It is too divine to see small kids singing to Jesus. Every year our classes start by 2nd week of January and continue till the second week of December. The exams are held on the second Sunday of December and are taken seriously by the kids with a competitive spirit.

The most jovial time of Sunday school is on 31st December every year, which is our anniversary day. We celebrate the day with dances, skits, songs etc in the name of God. Prizes are distributed to the kids as per performance in the exams, attendance rewards and other consolation prizes.

There were times when the Sunday school classes were held under the open sky, maybe under a tree. But today we have the privilege of conducting our classes in our parsonage. We at Sunday school thank our Almighty God from the bottom of our hearts for this blessing of His.

We pray for our Sunday school that is may flourish day by day such that every child is led in the right direction to God. Every child who comes to this Sunday school becomes like a strong tree with strong roots.

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