The WSCS of the Methodist Malayalam Church has been very active under the leadership of the President Mrs. Rossamma Mathews. The third Sunday of the month is set apart for the activities of the WSCS. Bible study is conducted after the service to build faith on the word of God.

WSCS raises funds from the organised sale of Kerala Sadhya prepared by the members themselves, on WSCS Sunday. On this Sunday which is specially designated for the WSCS, one of the senior members conducts the worship order and a Guest Speakers are invited to the sermon for the day.

Prayer meetings are held from time to time for the sick and those going through various troubles. The ladies visit the needy homes, listen to their troubles and console and encourage them.

Members participate in the District and Bombay Conference of WSCS and support all the activities. WSCS has constantly supported the “Anugrah Orphanage” “Love God Home” and “Faith Believers” home in Ambarnath & Badlapur with financial and other aid. During Christmas and occasions, the WSCS members visit the orphanage and provide clothes and food for the children and share their joys.

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