1. Baptism.

6 people took Baptism in Sedabeda village on 19th September 2017. They all are attending the worship in Sedabeda village for more than one year. God used all our team members to help this believers to grow in the faith, especially God used Mr. & Mrs. Raising Mahangnao for visit often their house for teaching and help them to grow in faith.

Newly Baptized believers names:
1. Mrs. Sagarmati
2. Mrs. Kamala
3. Mrs. Sukarani
4. Ms. Ranjitha
5. Ms. Vidya
6. Mr. Alok

2. Local Leadership Training

a. Training program conducted in Bankati village on 21/05/2017 8 believers attended in this program.
b. Beliveres training program conducted in Kajaria, Bankati, and Sedabeda villages in the month of July 2017.
c. Training program conducted in Bankati village 09/08/2017.

3. Seekers meeting

a. Conducted in Kiratpur Church in the month of April 2 and 4 seekers attended.
b. In Kajaria village on 25th May 3 seekers attended in the Seekers meeting.
c. Conducted seekers meeting in Sedabeda village on 16th June. 3 seekers attended and 18th August 2 seekers attended.
d. Conducted Seekers meting in Poya village on 10/08/2017 2 seekers attended and they are attending in the worship group in Poya village.

4. Children ministry

a. VBS program conducted in Sedabeda village from 12th -14th June and 31 children attended and studied about Jesus Christ.
b. Conducting Daily free Tuition classes for high school students in Barbata village.

5. Night Cottage prayer meeting

Night cottage prayer meeting is going on in Sedabeda, Kiratpur and Poya villages. In these meeting believers as well as the new seekers and contacts are attending.

6. Jeevan Jyoti Hostel.

a. One day retreat conducted in JJC in the month of July for the hostel children.
b. Bible study is continuing in the hostel for the children and Cook.
c. Heath awareness education class conducted for Hostel children on 16th April,17th September, and 20th August.
d. From the Youth mission department of KJPA Church Synod, Shillong visited JJC Hostel during their field visit and spent time with warden, cook and Children.

7. Women Development

a. Women Development meeting conducted in Sedabeda village 9 women believers attended on 22/04/2017.
b. 3 women small groups started in Sedabeda village and they are gathering together for fellowship regularly.

8. CLHTC training and community Development.

Mrs. Subin M Bay is attending the CLHTC training now she is in 3rd Phase training. After she started this training as team conducted health education classes and awrness programs.
a. 3 times conducted Health Education Class in JJC Palia Kalan for Hostel boys.
b. Conducted program for teaching about the spread of common decease – at Seda Beda village on 21st July.
c. Conducted program in Kiratpur on 25th October evening for teaching about awareness of the TB and loose motion.
d. Conducted teaching on hygiene and good health for women in Poya village 17th August 6 women attended.
e. Did mouth Cancer Check up for 28 people in Kiratpur village on 25th&26th October 2017.

9. Rana Tharu Song Practice for Recording.

Last year 2 times we could conduct Ethno Music Workshop in our field in these workshops around 23 local people attended and we have composed 42 songs in Rana Tharu language.
We are practicing songs for recording in the 3rd week of February 2018, every month we have song practice with 8 people.

10. Bible message recording in Rana Tharu language.

Planning praying for record gospel message in Rana Tharu language based on the Local leaders discipleship 1st level manual, planning to do record in 3rd week of December 2017 through IEM Media department with the partnership of TWR.

11. Raagini

Two time we conducted a workshop for make and present Raagini. Raagini is a folk art of Rana Tharu culture like a Drama with song. In These workshop 8 people attended and we have made two Raagini with songs based on Bible stories. Planning to present gospel through this Raagini on coming days.

12. Portable Amplifier for Tharu field.

Rev. C. Jebakumar, Secretary for Media ministry, visited our field on July 14th and we called our church elders for a meeting with Rev. C Jebakumar and discussed regarding the Rana Tharu song recording. Decided time for recording in the month of February 2018. Ten people from different villages and team members attended in this program at JJC Palia on 14th July. And in this program Rev. Jebakumar dedicated with prayer a portable amplifier which is he brought for Tharu field ministry. This amplifier is very useful for our ministry.

13. Harvest Festival

In the month of April conducted Harvest Festival Kiratpur, Sedabeda, Bankati, Poya villages. Believers attended these meetings with bringing from the Blessings which they have received from God.

Newly Baptized believers (sitting) with Missionaries and Elders
Tharu church elders who are attended training program in Sedabeda village
Health awareness program in JJC Palia
KJPA officials spending time with JJC children
Mouth Cancer Check up In Kiratpur Village
Tharu singers practicing songs for recording
Participants in the Raagini program. At Nachotta village
Dedicating Portable amplifier by Rev. C Jebakumar

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