Dear Members of Malayalam Methodist Church, Ambernath

Greetings to you in the precious Name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.
It is a joy for me to meet you all through this letter and that I could give my leadership during this lockdown period. I trust you all are doing well and participating in the Sunday Worship Services and other group activities conducted through zoom service regularly. We would like to thank Pastor Jones Chery for rendering his service to the Church faithfully from February 2020 till 15th October 2020. May God bless him and his wife Mrs. Hannah as they continue their ministry in Parel Malayalam church.
It is my joy to inform you, that with the consent of our Honourable Bishop Dr. Anil Kumar Servand, Mr. Biju Thomas from Kollam has been appointed as the Assistant Pastor under the supervision of the District Superintendent as the Senior Pastor with immediate effect from 20th October 2020.We extend a warm welcome to him and his family in Kerala.
The pandemic has been a time of trial for the entire country and the globe. People are in fear and awe. We are waiting patiently for the situation to come under control. Surely it will happen very soon.
As I was reading the Book of James 5:7-11, three examples mentioned in the passage caught my attention. It would be appropriate to meditate and learn what it means to be PATIENT!

    James 5:7 “Be patient, my friends, until the Lord comes back.”

1. Be Patient when circumstances are uncontrollable. James 5:7-8

How is this possible? Remember how patient farmers are. Apostle James gives a classical example of a farmer. The farmers always look upon the weather for any activity on the field. They face quiet a lot of challenges like disturbances through pests, insects, and diseases. During monsoon, due to heavy rains and floods, the crops get submerged thus destroying the yield. Strong winds and storms blow and uproot trees etc. Despite the condition, farmers do not give up. The next year they restart their activity hoping something better will happen.
During this Pandemic we have been going through similar experiences. Make a list of such uncontrollable circumstances that you are going through, write it down and pray about it. God is in control' next to each circumstance.
Like farmers, wait expectantly!
I wait expectantly, trusting God to help, for He has promised. Ps.130:5
No one who waits for my help will be disappointed. Isa. 49:23

2. Be Patient when the truth is unpopular. James 5:10-11

Very often we are hated by people when we speak the truth about them. They do not allow anyone to touch their self-image and point out at them.
Another example of patience in the face of suffering are God's prophets who spoke God's truth in hard times In the Old Testament the prophets were given such a task by God to speak before the kings about their immoral and wicked life face to face and pronounce God’s wrath or judgement upon them. Often their lives were threatened, and they were beaten cruelly and punished, yet they endured it with patience. "Don't grumble about each other, my brothers and sisters, or God will judge you. Remember, the great Judge is coming. He is standing at the door! James 5:9 Remember God rewards patience. "We consider blessed those who have persevered." James 5:11
Like the prophets, wait without complaining!
"Let us not get tired of doing what is right, for after a while we will reap a harvest of blessing If we don't get discouraged and give up." Gal. 6:9
"It is good to wait quietly for the salvation of the Lord." Lam. 3:26

3. Be Patient When you go through unbearable pain.

Job continued to trust God patiently while enduring great pain.
We all know the loss,struggle,humiliation and pain went he through, yet in all these situations he took a stand not to curse the Lord despite his wife’s pressure. He faced the pain alone and towards the end he redeemed everything he had lost double fold.
Remember this is not the end of the story!
"We know how God fulfilled his purpose for Job and that his plan for him ended in good because the Lord always treats us with tender compassion and merciful kindness." James 5:11b “I know what I am planning for you' says the Lord. 'I have good plans for you, not plans to hurt you. I'll give you hope and a good future!” Jer. 29:11
Like Job, wait confidently!
"If a man dies, can he come back to life? I will wait for better times; I will wait till this time of trouble is ended." Job 14:14
"Those who wait on the Lord will find new strength. They will fly high on wings like eagles. They will run and not grow weary. They will walk and not faint!" Isaiah 40:31.
Paul tells us that we must make “the most of every opportunity” and he gives a reason: “Because the days are evil.”

May the Lord grant patience as you to go through this time of trial. God’s Blessings be upon you all. Amen

Rev.Tennison M. Peter (DS)
Senior Pastor

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