Welcome to the home of Methodist Malayalam Church on the World Wide Web!

We are living in a small world. With the development in telecommunication and transport, it is a shrunk world. It becomes necessary and easier to remain in touch and interact with people around the world. The MMC has many of its members and their families scattered around the globe, we have non-resident members in all corners of the world like USA, Australia, UAE and Seychelles.

The Internet is a powerful tool to remain in touch with them, update the progress of the various activities of the Church and moreover contribute in their thoughts and Prayer request. This web page is an attempt to link ourselves.

We already have a common link - our faith in JESUS CHRIST. We hope that this unity in Christ is further strengthened through this humble venture of ours. It's a small beginning. Growth and development is bound to be there. We are sure you will be a powerful and active contributor. Your participation and support will be our strength.

Note : Methodist Malayalam Church is in an eccumenical alliance with the Church of South India, Mar Thoma and Basel mission Churches.





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